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Individual Term Life Assurance


Selecting the right financial protection for your loved ones starts by going for the right insurance company.


Feeling overworked and busy to find an adequate level of protection, or the proper scheme? The Individual Term Life Assurance is NICE. It is:

Necessary; to answer those needs whether you are single, married or married with children.

Intelligent; you may opt to attach to the main benefit a bouquet of additional benefits such as Total Permanent Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Accidental Death, Critical Illness.

Cost-effective; due to its low cost compared to other options.

Easy; just a telephone call and our authorized agent will arrange for the whole thing.


Wondering if you fit the criteria to obtain this NICE plan? Of course you fit the criteria provided you are younger than 65 and older than 19 years, working and you have financial obligations towards your loved ones (parents, brothers and sisters, spouse and children).


Having said the aforementioned would this NICE plan provides a piece of mind? Our motto at Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company is “YOU ARE ON SOLID GROUNDS” and associated with a First Class worldwide reinsurer, the Individual Term Life Assurance provides you with the piece of mind towards financially protecting your loved ones.


Just remember this plan is NICE and easy………… 

Arabia Life Style unit linked Investment Plan


Group Term Life Assurance Plan

Being a valuable asset towards prosperity and continuity of any enterprise, employees always look up at their employer as a second-to-none. Protecting them will not only fortify loyalty, but it will place you as a distinguished employer.


Descending from the long time existing ARABIA insurance company (a Pan Arab company established in 1944), ARABIA Insurance Cooperative Company has introduced a tailor-made group term life assurance plan to provide employees with a wide range of benefits in the event of death (God forbid) or disability (permanent total or partial).


This group term life assurance plan provide your employees and their dependents with a financial security in the form of a lump sum payment after the occurrence of the covered event, in accordance with plan's terms and conditions.


Governed by "implementing regulations provisions of the Law on Supervision of Cooperative Insurance Companies", the group term life assurance plan pears as surplus sharing provision. Any declared surplus, at the end of the financial year, will be distributed to policyholders directly, or in the form of reduction in premiums for the next year.


Enrollment under this plan is available to employees who are eligible as agreed on in the plan terms and conditions. 


Caring for your business prosperity, place yourself as "a distinguished employer" the day after yesterday…….


Protection & Saving Plans
Selecting the right financial protection for your loved ones starts by going ...