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Company Overview

Arabia Insurance Cooperative Company is a Saudi Joint Stock Co. that was established in 03/04/2007 as per Royal Decree No. M/23 with fully paid up capital of SR 200 Million. The company holds, through its shareholders, an experience of more than fifty years in the Saudi market and sixty seven years in the Arab world.

  • Arabia Insurance Co. (Holding)      
  • Jordan Insurance Co.
  • Arab Supply & Trading Co. ( ASTRA)
  • Zahid Holding Group.
  • Modern Investment Company for Trade & Industries.
  • Alhamrani United Co.
  • Al Mutlaq Group.
  • Sanad investment Co.
  • Nafez Saleh Oudeh Mustafa.
  • Saudi Brothers Commercial Co.
  • Samh for Trade Co.
  • Dr. Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Omeir
  • Mohammad Najr Al Oteibi
  • Lama Ismail Abu Khadra
  • Abdul Hadi Al Qahtani  and Partners Co.
  • Public

Board Members
  • Abdulaziz Abdulhadi Alqahtani (Chairman)
  • Fayez Humod Moagel Alfaraj  (Vice Chairman)
  • Mohammad Ahmad Arar                                                                                                
  • Muneer Butros Mouasher
  • Othman (Mohammad Ali) Bdeir
  • Ghassan Akeel
  • Abdulaziz Saleh Aloamir
  • Khaldun Abdulrahman Abuhassan
  • Naji Haseeb Fyad
  • Mohammed Saad Subhi Khabbaz  


General Manager
  • Saad Khabbaz

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