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Motor Claims
Motor Claim Procedure

In case of any accident generating the submitting of a claim to ARABIA Insurance cooperative Co. you should take the following steps:

1. Submitting the original accident report duly signed by Traffic Police or Najm Company, provided that all data fields should be fully completed with the information required. The claim amount should be determined both in letters and figures. The report should also be signed by the investigator and the head of police station, noting that any uncompleted report will not be handled.

2.The report will not be accepted if it contains any erasure, deletion or modification, unless it is re-stamped and signed.

3.Submitting the original vehicle registration (Estimara) and vehicle ownership document to compare the copy

4.The individuals should submit a copy of their ID/Iqama, while the companies or establishments should submit a copy of the CR.

5.A “Claim Form” should be duly completed with the details of the accident by the authorized driver.

6.The damaged car should be towed to the nearest claim center for inspection and photograph or you may inform the company about its location.

7.The claim amount will be paid by a cheque after singing the liability discharge receipt.

8.Upon desire to receive a cheque for the beneficiary or issuing the cheque in the name of another beneficiary an official signed notification letter stamped from the chamber of commerce should be submitted.

9.In case of death or bodily injury, the claim will be paid after submitting the original Court Verdict.

10.Receiving the claim documents does not bind ARABIA  to accept, but the claim will be paid when the company ensures compliance with the accident procedure and adherence with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Kindly note: Incomplete claim will not be processed.

In case you want to transfer the claim amount to your bank account, a copy of the account card should be attached with the claim document as well as a signed final clearance.

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