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Leadership and excellence need a lot of time, effort and money, and require us to attract the talent and ensure the continuous development of the new products to meet the needs of our customers. The insurance industry is prominent and is becoming more and more specialized and in need of initiatives and concentration on clear objectives through empowered alliances that operate professionally.


In this context, we emphasize our attentiveness and intent to provide services in the form best suited to our principles and endeavors aiming to lead a list of companies operating in this sector in compliance with the regulation enforced in Saudi Arabia. We always strive to be at the level of responsibility and commitment to offer all that is creative and innovative utilizing appropriate marketing tactics and plans for development and growth.


We will sincerely put all efforts to realize our vision and mission through preparation alongside with qualifying a national workforce that will be continuously educated on developments in this sector and its subsidiaries, a mission that come’s a concern of our belief in social responsibility and role in driving development and growth in Saudi Arabia.


Saad Khabbaz

Marine Insurance
This policy provides the adequate coverage on all imported and exported cargo...